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About us

Who We Are
We are an office of 150 people mandated by the Auditor General Act to examine and report publicly on the government of Alberta’s management of the public resources entrusted to it.
The auditor general is the auditor of every ministry, department, regulated fund and most provincial agencies—150 entities for 2017. We audit the financial statements and selected management control systems and processes. Occasionally, at the request of an organization we audit, we may also research or advise on a proposed course of action.
What We Do
We do audits so we can report on how well government is managing its responsibilities and the province’s resources. Where necessary, we make recommendations for improvement.
Our financial statement audits provide independent opinions on whether each organization’s financial statements are presented fairly and are free of material errors, misstatements or omissions. Each June we issue an auditor’s report on the province’s consolidated financial statements, encompassing all 150 government entities.
Our performance audits assess the quality of the systems designed to deliver efficient and cost effective provincial programs and services. Our role includes providing an objective and independent view on whether government is reporting on the results achieved using Alberta’s resources.
We look at the work of government through the lens of Albertans, and apply our professional expertise to provide conclusions on whether systems are working well and achieving the desired results. Where we find systems and processes are not working as well as they could, we provide recommendations for improvement. These improvements aim to help the government succeed in delivering what it has set out to do for the people of Alberta.
Who We Serve
We report directly to the 87 Members of Alberta’s Legislative Assembly, and through them we serve the 4.3 million people who call Alberta home.
How We Report on Our Work
Our auditor’s reports accompany the financial statements of each government organization and are included in the annual reports published by ministries and their related entities. These reports provide the auditor general’s opinion on whether management’s financial statements are presented fairly in accordance with the appropriate standards. We make our performance audit findings and recommendations public in auditor general reports to the Legislative Assembly. Once the Government of Alberta has acted on our recommendations, we carry out follow-up audits to confirm that our recommendations have been implemented. Ideally, successful implementation by management and our follow-up reporting on the appropriateness of their implementation are completed within three years of each original recommendation. The results of the follow-up audits are also included in the auditor general’s reports to complete our reporting to Albertans.
Our Independence
Our independence from those we audit ensures our work is objective—based on facts, not preconceived opinions. The independence requirement is symbolized through the appointment of the auditor general by the Legislative Assembly and our liaison with the assembly through the all-party Standing Committee on Legislative Offices. A primary element of the relationship is the assembly’s prerogative to authorize financing of the office’s operations.
Our business practices are designed to ensure that our staff remain free of any association that could potentially impair their objectivity.
Here's some information on our:
Edmonton (Head Office)
8th Floor, 9925 - 109 Street Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2J8, Canada
Tel: 780.427.4222 Fax: 780.422.9555
Calgary Office
#820, 600 - 6th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 0S5, Canada
Tel: 403.297.6451 Fax: 403.297.5195