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About us

We are a team of professionals working together to give our clients—Members of the Legislative Assembly and the people of Alberta—independent reports and recommendations on how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector. We are proud of what we have achieved, and we focus on opportunities to make government more effective. In short, we are here to serve Albertans.
Under the Auditor General Act, the auditor general is the auditor of every ministry, department and regulated fund, and most provincial agencies. We provide a critical link in the chain of public accountability for results by helping management, and the Legislative Assembly, fulfill their oversight roles. Our office audits the financial statements of those entities for which we are the appointed auditor, including the consolidated financial statements of the Government of Alberta. We also select and conduct objective and purposeful examinations of government programs and activities; we call these performance audits.
In 2016 we announced our intention to develop a strategic, risk-based, multi-year program of work for our performance audits. We have developed our first three-year performance audit program of work and present it to Albertans here.
We are an approved audit training office for accounting professionals. See our recruitment brochure for more information.
Here's some information on our:
Edmonton (Head Office)
8th Floor, 9925 - 109 Street Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2J8, Canada
Tel: 780.427.4222 Fax: 780.422.9555
Calgary Office
#820, 600 - 6th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 0S5, Canada
Tel: 403.297.6451 Fax: 403.297.5195