To ensure that Albertans receive the value for money they deserve from our office, we follow a clear process of accountability for results:

  • Set and communicate measurable results and responsibilities
  • Plan what needs to be done to achieve results
  • Do the work and monitor progress
  • Identify and evaluate results—and provide feedback for continued improvement
  • Publicly report on the results of our work

Our Strategic Plan

The world in which we live and work continues to grow in complexity, and with it, citizens’ expectations of their public institutions to deliver different and better public service. The OAG Strategic Plan 2017-2022 (Charting our Course in a Changing World) charts our way forward on how, working with legislators, public servants and Albertans, we will continue to make a difference. Accompanying our strategy, Envisioning our Future is a story that illustrates the cumulative impact of successfully implementing the strategies in our plan.

Our Business Plan

Our Results Report

Our Act

Government of Alberta’s Response to our Past Recommendations


Expense Reports

See our reports on office expenses.

Compensation Disclosure

Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act reporting.