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Patty became an Assistant Auditor General in June 2021, with responsibility for providing audit oversight to the Community and Quality of Life portfolio.

Joining the Office of the Alberta Auditor General was something of a homecoming for Patty. As a university student, she worked a couple of summers for the OAG before joining the office as an articling student in 1994. Over the next almost 15 years, Patty worked on many projects in the Advanced Education portfolio and led the Alberta Treasury Branch audit for a time. For almost two years, Patty also served as the office’s Chief Financial Officer.

In 2010, Patty became the Director of Quality Assurance and Internal Audit at Alberta Health Services, shortly after AHS’s inception. While in this role, Patty helped build the Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk Management Department, developing the team’s audit methodology and leading the Quality Assurance Practice. She also led several operational audits regarding Workplace Health and Safety, Continuing Care and Information and Privacy.

In her internal audit role with AHS, Patty continued to work occasionally with the OAG—in fact, she worked in the same building, just one floor up—and was excited by the chance to return as a member of the leadership team.

Devoted to public service, Patty believes in learning from the past, listening to people and their ideas, and helping to facilitate change and greater efficiencies. She believes in changing processes within as well as advising others on how to improve. Her core values are integrity, respect, and compassion for others.

Born and raised in Edmonton, the young Patty first explored becoming a pharmacist before getting a job at a bank and discovering her penchant for accounting and auditing. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in 1994.

When not at work, Patty enjoys the outdoors, especially the simple and peaceful pleasure of camping—including in the winter—mostly in Alberta with her partner, Paul, teenaged daughter, Natalie, and two dogs. She also likes to garden in the summer.