Performance Audit Program of Work 2018-2021
The Performance Audit Program of Work outlines the new performance audits we intend to conduct in the following three years. We elaborate our area of focus and discuss programs and service areas and provide descriptions on potential audits topics within our three year plan. Our performance audits assess the quality of the systems designed to deliver efficient and cost effective provincial programs and services. Our role includes providing an objective and independent view on whether government has adequate systems for reporting on the results achieved using Alberta’s resources.

Our performance audits focus on the following important questions:

SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES. Are management systems and internal controls well designed and operating as designed?

RESULTS. Are intended results being achieved? Are entities monitoring and reporting on their own performance?

COMPLIANCE. Is the program or entity operating in accordance with applicable laws, policies, and specified authorities?

RISK MANAGEMENT. Is the entity appropriately managing significant risks related to achieving program outcomes and safeguarding public funds?

GOVERNANCE AND OVERSIGHT. Have entities established effective governance practices and regimes?


How Can Albertans Get Involved?

As end users of government programs and services, Albertans are a rich source of knowledge and information about government performance and operations. Effective communication with Albertans on our proposed performance audit program of work is essential as we continue to refine our planning processes. We welcome your input on the following questions:

  • Given your personal experience with government programs and services, or based on what you think is most important to Albertans, would you focus in different areas than those we have selected? If so, what are those areas, and why would you choose them?
  • Do you have any comments on the listing of potential audits?

We want to inform you of our plans and engage you in a conversation about what we do, so that we can focus our work in those areas which will make the greatest difference to those we serve—Albertans. You can send us your comments on these questions by emailing us at All contributions will be completely confidential. As we update our program of work, we’ll provide information on how Albertans’ input has been taken into account.

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