Standing Committee on Legislative Offices

As one of the Legislative Officers of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, the Auditor General is accountable to the Standing Committee on Legislative Offices.

On behalf of all members of the Legislative Assembly, the committee reviews and approves the business plan and budget, financial statements and results report of the office, and is responsible for tabling documents in the Legislature on behalf of the Auditor General.

The members of the Standing Committee on the Legislative Offices are:

  • Mr. Joseph Schow (Chair)
  • Mr. R.J. Sigurdson (Deputy Chair)
  • Ms. Christina Gray
  • Ms. Jackie Lovely
  • Mr. Jeremy Nixon
  • Mr. Brad Rutherford
  • Mr. Marlin Schmidt
  • Mr. David Shepherd
  • Ms. Heather Sweet
  • Mr. Glenn van Dijken
  • Mr. Jordan Walker

Provincial Audit Committee

Under the Auditor General Act, the Provincial Audit Committee is established primarily in an advisory role to the government and the Auditor General on any matter relating to the financial affairs of the Crown in accordance with a request of the President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance.

The role of the committee is to review and advise on issues relating to the financial statement presentation and disclosure, accounting policies and pronouncements and non-financial performance information.

The committee also reviews and advises on matters related to the Auditor General's reports to the Legislative Assembly prior to its publication and any other reports made by the Auditor General.

The current members of the Provincial Audit Committee are:

  • Randy Henderson (Chair) CPA, CA, CF, ICD.D
  • Lori Bokenfor LLM, LLB
  • Michael Godwin, CPA, CA, ICD.D
  • Suzanne Nickerson, CPA, CA
  • Hilary Rose BA, CPA, CA, CIA, CRMA
  • Dr. Akolisa Ufodike ICD.D, FCPA, FCGA, FCCA, CPA
  • Minister of Finance, President of Treasury Board
Public Accounts Committee
Public Accounts Committees (PACs) exist throughout the world and are an essential feature of Westminster democracies. The PAC is a parliamentary committee that provides oversight by reviewing the government's statement of accounts and the auditor general's reports to examine how the government has accounted for and used public funds. it enables elected officials to hold a government to account for how it has spent taxpayers' money. it also alerts the legislature to concerns regarding the government's financial management practices and public administration.

PAC and the Auditor General develop a mutually supportive relationship based on their distinct roles and independence of action.

PAC reviews, on behalf of the Legislative Assembly, reports tabled in the legislature by the Auditor General. This includes public accounts, performance reports, and special reports. PAC holds public hearings with departmental officials to examine the Auditor General's findings and determine how the Auditor General's recommendations will be implemented.

PAC may also:

  • endorse the Auditor General's recommendations, and may write and table its own report, with recommendations
  • request that the government table a response within a required time frame
  • follow up on the implementation of recommendations (the Auditor General's and/or its own)

PAC does not focus on policy. Rather, its focus is on public administration—that is, the implementation of policy.

Current PAC Members

We recognize and appreciate the Members of the Legislative Assembly who serve on the Public Accounts Committee; we value our partnership in providing independent oversight of government on behalf of Albertans.

The members of the Standing Committee on the Public Accounts are:

  • Ms. Shannon Phillips (Chair)
  • Mr. Richard Gotfried (Deputy Chair)
  • Mr. Drew Barnes
  • Mr. Lorne Dach
  • Mr. Pete Guthrie
  • Ms. Sarah Hoffman
  • Mr. Roger Reid
  • Ms. Marie Renaud
  • Ms. Miranda Rosin
  • Mr. Garth Rowswell
  • Mr. Jason Stephan
  • Mr. Devinder Toor