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Advanced Education

Advanced Education

Report of the Auditor General—October 2016



There are no new recommendations to the department in this report. The department has five outstanding recommendations to implement.


There are no new recommendations made to post-secondary institutions in this report. Post-secondary institutions in total have 16 outstanding recommendations to implement.
Matters from prior audits IT system implementation at Olds College follow-up audit—see page 49.

Athabasca University, the University of Calgary and the University of Lethbridge have improved systems to comply with legislation—see page 64.

We repeat recommendations to Athabasca University to:

  • establish information technology resumption capabilities—see page 65.
  • improve procedures to monitor and report access and security violations—see page 66.

The University of Calgary improved processes to remove users’ access privileges promptly—see page 68.


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