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Executive Council


The following recommendations are outstanding and not yet ready for follow-up audits:

Chief executive officer: Guidance—October 2008, no. 1, p. 27

We recommend that the Deputy Minister of Treasury Board and Finance through the Agency Governance Secretariat assist agencies and departments by providing guidance in the areas of chief executive officer selection, evaluation and compensation.

Chief executive officer: Accountability—October 2008, no. 2, p. 29

We recommend the Agency Governance Secretariat, on behalf of ministers, annually obtain information from agencies on chief executive officer evaluation and compensation processes to assess if good practices are being consistently followed. The results of these systems assessments should be reported to ministers who should then hold boards of directors accountable for their decisions.

Public agencies: Executive compensation practices—October 2009, no. 1, p. 23

We recommend that the Deputy Minister of Treasury Board and Finance, through the Agency Governance Secretariat, assist public agencies and departments by providing guidance on executive compensation practices for all public agency senior executives.

Assess risk and improve oversight—October 2012, no. 11, p. 62

We recommend that Executive Council:

  • assess the risks to public information assets throughout the government
  • determine if the government has adequate IT security policies, standards and controls to mitigate risks
  • determine who is responsible and accountable to ensure that public information assets are adequately protected. Specifically:
    • who is responsible for monitoring compliance with IT security requirements
    • who is responsible for ensuring or enforcing compliance with security requirements
    • what actions should be taken when non-compliance is identified
    • how is compliance to security requirements demonstrated
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