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We issued unqualified independent auditor’s reports on the 2017–2018 financial statements for the Ministry of Health, the Department of Health, Alberta Health Services (AHS), Capital Care Group Inc., Calgary Laboratory Services Ltd., Carewest and the Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA).

There are no new recommendations to the department, AHS or HQCA in this report. There are 16 outstanding recommendations to the department, 10 of which have been outstanding for more than three years.

There are 11 outstanding recommendations to AHS, seven of which have been outstanding for more than three years.

AHS has implemented the following prior-year recommendations:

  • capital project monitoring systems—see below
  • information technology control policies and processes —see page 86

We repeat our 2012 recommendation that AHS reinforce its admission policies and review controls and processes over fees and charges to ensure that they were properly designed and consistently applied throughout the province—see page 85.

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