There are no new recommendations to the Department of Health in this report.


There are no new recommendations to Alberta Health Services in this report.

Matters from prior audits

The Department of Health has implemented our October 2014 recommendation to improve contract policy and demonstrate compliance—see below.

AHS implemented recommendations relating to:

  • at least annually, receive reports from management on the design and effectiveness of controls at the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC)—see page 114.
  • improving controls around drug purchases—see page 115.


Matters from prior audits

Improve contract policy and demonstrate compliance—implemented


In 20141 we examined four contracts that the Department of Health entered into to determine whether the department followed its contract policies and whether its decisions to sole source contracts were adequately supported. We identified that the department needed to upgrade its contract policy to ensure its branches consider and document whether or not a project is a phase of an overall project requiring a competitive bid. In addition, the department needed to ensure the contract policy describes the information that should be documented to support sole sourcing and improve its processes to demonstrate it complies with its contract policy.

We found that the department did not consistently follow its policy when entering into contracts and did not clearly document why sole sourcing was appropriate and in compliance with its policy.


The Department of Health implemented our recommendation to improve contract policy and demonstrate compliance. The department revised its contract policy and contract procedure in April 2015 and in January 2015, respectively.

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