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Advanced Education

Innovation and Advanced Education



Innovation and Advanced Education—For-profit and cost recovery ventures at post-secondary institutions—see page 21

We recommend that the Department of Innovation and Advanced Education implement an integrated enterprise risk management approach—see page 124.

The department implemented our recommendations to:

  • resolve outstanding sector accounting issues—see page 125
  • improve financial reporting process—see page 126
  • identify best practices, work with and develop guidance for post-secondary institutions to implement effective enterprise risk management systems—see page 126


There are no new recommendations in this report.

Advanced Education

There are no new recommendations in this report.


Innovation and Advanced Education—IT system implementation at Olds College—see page 29

IT governance, strategic planning and project management at Athabasca University follow-up—see page 57

University of Alberta implemented our recommendation to improve systems:

  • to ensure compliance with legislation—see page 127
  • over costs for internal working sessions and hosting guests—see page 128

University of Calgary implemented our recommendation to develop an integrated enterprise risk management approach—see page 128.

This report includes an update on the report card on four universities’ internal controls over financial reporting, together with comparative assessments from our 2014 and 2013 audits. Our March 2015 report included the results of our audits at the colleges, technical institutions, MacEwan University and Mount Royal University.

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