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Matters from the current audit

Various Departments—Contracting—see page 57

We repeat our two October 2005 seniors care recommendations to the Department of Municipal Affairs to improve:

  • the effectiveness of the Seniors Lodge Program
  • its processes for determine future needs of the Seniors Lodge Program—see page 183


Matters from the current audit

There are no new recommendations to Alberta Social Housing Corporation.



What we examined

In 2001 we performed an audit of provincial systems used to deliver services to seniors in longterm care facilities. As part of the audit, we made two recommendations related to the Seniors Lodge Program, at the time operated by the Department of Seniors and Community Supports.

The department had to:

  • improve the measures the department uses to assess the effectiveness of the Seniors Lodge Program and obtain sufficient information periodically to set the minimum disposable income of seniors used as a basis for seniors lodge rent charges
  • improve its processes for identifying the increasing care needs of lodge residents and consider this information in its plans for the Seniors Lodge Program

The program was subsequently moved to the Department of Health, and finally in 2012 to the Department of Municipal Affairs. This follow-up audit report presents our work and conclusions on these two recommendations.

We conducted our field work between December 2013 and February 2014. We substantially completed our audit work on May 22, 2014. Our audit was conducted in accordance with the Auditor General Act and the standards for assurance engagements set by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada.

What we found

The Department of Municipal Affairs has not yet implemented the two recommendations. In 2013 the department initiated a review of the Seniors Lodge Program. This review is currently underway and the department expects its outcomes to be instrumental in implementing the two outstanding recommendations. Although the department is moving in the right direction, we are repeating these two recommendations because of how long they have remained outstanding.

What remains to be done

The department needs to implement the two outstanding recommendations.

Why this is important to Albertans

Without clearly articulated goals, targets and the performance measures to demonstrate achievements, the department cannot show that the Seniors Lodge Program is delivering the expected results. Without comprehensive information on the needs of seniors in lodges, the department may not be able to adequately set expectations, assess resource requirements and plan service delivery for the Seniors Lodge Program.

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