In this report, there is one new recommendation to the department to improve its process to estimate the allowance for uncollectible student loans—see page 40.

The department has four outstanding recommendations. All four have been outstanding for more than three years and two are ready for assessment.

Post-secondary Institutions Report Card

We will report separately on the results of our 2020–2021 audits of 20 public post-secondary institutions, and will update our annual Report Card on the the post-secondary institutions’ financial reporting  processes and controls when those audits are complete.

In our Report on Post-secondary Institutions (December 2020), we issued three new recommendations to post-secondary institutions. Four outstanding recommendations were implemented. There are no new recommendations to the post-secondary institutions in this report. There are 11 outstanding  recommendations, one of which has been outstanding for more than three years and is ready for  assessment.

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