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Agriculture Forestry

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Report of the Auditor General—November 2020

There are no new recommendations to the department in this report. The department has two outstanding recommendations, one of which is ready for assessment.

We issued unqualified independent auditor’s reports on the 2019–2020 financial statements for the Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC), and for the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Fund. Bill 20, the Fiscal Measures and Taxation Act, 2019, disestablished the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Fund effective December 5, 2019. Responsibilities have been transferred to and will continue under the administration of the Department of Agriculture and Forestry and the Department of Environment and Parks. There are no new or outstanding recommendations to the AFSC or the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Fund.

The department and AFSC have implemented four outstanding recommendations from our Systems to Manage the Lending Program Assessment of Implementation Report—see page 173.

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