In this report, there are no new recommendations to the department. The department has one outstanding recommendation that has been outstanding for more than three years and is not ready for assessment.

The department has implemented an outstanding recommendation to improve monitoring, assessing and reporting processes on school jurisdictions’ accumulated operating reserve balances—see page 60.

We issued an unqualified independent auditor’s report on the 2020–2021 financial statements for Alberta School Foundation Fund. There are no new or outstanding recommendations to this entity.

The Northland School Division No.61

In May 2017, the Northland School Division Act changed, resulting in the Auditor General no longer being the legislated auditor for the division. The board of trustees of the division chooses its external auditor, a process consistent with all other school jurisdictions in the province.

The division has two outstanding recommendations from the Auditor General on systems to improve student attendance in the division. The two recommendations have been outstanding for more than three years and are not ready for assessment. We will follow up once the division confirms implementation.

Alberta School Jurisdictions’ Financial Audits Summary

In accordance with Section 19(4) of the Auditor General Act, we have compiled a summary of the results of school jurisdictions’ audited fiscal 2020 financial statements and recommendations from their auditors—see page 63.

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