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This report contains the findings and recommendations for financial statement and performance measures auditing of 150 government entities, as well as five new stand-alone systems audits, two follow-up systems audits and the 2014 results analysis report for the office. There are a total of 23 new and 3 repeated recommendations to government on how it can improve its control systems and processes in today’s report.

Stand-alone Systems Auditing – New Audits

  • Environment and Sustainable Resource Development—Alberta Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Agency—Joint Canada–Alberta Plan for Oil Sands Monitoring
  • Health—Crown’s Right of Recovery of Healthcare Costs from Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Service Alberta—IT Disaster Recovery Program
  • Treasury Board and Finance—Collection of Outstanding Corporate Taxes
  • Various Departments—Contracting

Stand-alone Systems Auditing – Follow-up audits

  • Environment and Sustainable Resource Development—Natural Resources
  • Conservation Board—Confined Feeding Operations
  • Health—Seniors Care in Long-term Care Facilities