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The Report of the Auditor General—November 2022 includes highlights of our audit of the 2021-2022 Consolidated Financial Statements of the Province of Alberta, the results of three new COVID-19 performance audits, Summary of the 2021 Financial Audit Results of School Jurisdictions in Alberta, and one assessment of implementation.

COVID-19 Performance Audits

Ministry Audits and Recommendations

Highlights include:

  • Alberta Agriculture, Forestry and Economic Development—The department has implemented one outstanding recommendation to improve processes for estimating timber revenues at fiscal year-end—see page 31.
  • Alberta Education—In accordance with Section 19(4) of the Auditor General Act, we have compiled a summary of the results of school jurisdictions’ audited fiscal 2021 financial statements and recommendations from their auditors—see page 45.
  • Alberta Health—We examined the expense claims of the former principal advisor to the then-Health Minister—see page 69.
  • Alberta Labour and Immigration—We report our findings from the Emergency Isolation Support Program post-payment eligibility verification processes and program reporting—see page 108. This is in follow up to our Delivery of the COVID-19 Emergency Isolation Support Program (March 2022 report).
  • Alberta Treasury Board and Finance—We report that two February 2014 recommendations related to the department’s responsibility for managing Alberta’s public sector pension plans are no longer relevant—see page 134.

Assessment of Implementation