Service Alberta—IT Disaster Recovery Program—see page 41

The department implemented our recommendations related to registry agencies compliance,

payroll review processes and IT resumption—see below



Matters from prior-year audits

Ranking of non-compliances at registry agencies—implemented

Our audit findings

In 2012 we recommended that the Department of Service Alberta rank the significance of findings it identified at registry agencies and document its follow-up process.1 Service Alberta

implemented our recommendation by standardizing the registry agent audit process. The standardized process includes separating findings from observations, as well as follow up and

questionnaire templates—which define acceptable audit evidence. All registry agent findings are reassessed at the next compliance audit. Going forward, we expect the department to maintain

the new process as changes occur and manage the risk of non-compliance with government policies and legislation.

Payroll review process—implemented

Our audit findings

The department implemented our recommendation to improve its process to provide timely supporting documentation on payroll information that it maintains for itself and its clients. Based

on our enquiry of various users of this payroll information we found that the department is preparing, and making available, payroll information in a more timely manner.

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