Our Vision

Recognized as a credible and independent source of assurance in the public sector.

Our Mission

Our work improves performance and promotes accountability within government.

Our Values

We are committed to our mission, and to achieving our vision. We use our values to guide us in our internal and external relationships:

TRUST. We earn it with everything we say and do. We are accountable for our actions.

RESPECT. Everyone has the right to be heard and deserves to be treated with dignity and courtesy.

DIVERSITY OF THOUGHT. We encourage open minds, innovative thinking and constructive challenge.

TEAMWORK. With integrity, we work together to generate better solutions.

GROWTH. We view individual success as professional growth together with a fulfilling personal life. We value both.


We are an office of 150 people mandated by the Auditor General Act to examine and report publicly on the government of Alberta’s management of the public resources entrusted to it.


We are the auditors of every ministry, department, regulated fund and most provincial agencies. We audit so that we can report on how well the government is managing its responsibilities and the province’s resources. We provide independent assurance to the people of Alberta that public money is properly accounted for and provides value.


We report directly to the 87 Members of Alberta’s Legislative Assembly, and through them, the more than four million people who call Alberta home.


We are the independent auditor of every Alberta government ministry, department, regulated fund and most provincial agencies. Learn more about who we audit. Learn more about the Government of Alberta.


We look at government through the lens of Albertans and apply our professional expertise to provide conclusions on whether the province’s financial statements are presented fairly and are free of material errors, misstatements or omissions. Through performance auditing we also examine whether the management control systems and processes of government are working as well as they could. We provide recommendations for improvement aimed at helping the government succeed in delivering what it has set out to do for the people of Alberta.


Our independence from those we audit ensures our work is objective—based on facts, not preconceived opinions. The independence requirement is symbolized through the appointment of the auditor general by the Legislative Assembly and our liaison with the assembly through the all-party Standing Committee on Legislative Offices. A primary element of the relationship is the assembly’s prerogative to authorize financing of the office’s operations.


How We Work

The office leadership team’s four interrelated areas of focus are strategy, people, results and learning. Through governance, oversight and accountability for results in these focus areas, the leadership team requires our audits to be:

RELEVANT. Our work must be relevant to the Legislative Assembly and Albertans.

RELIABLE. The Legislative Assembly and Albertans must be able to count on our work.

REASONABLE COST. We must manage costs in producing relevant and reliable reports. Optimizing the congruence (i.e., the degree of balance) among these three, sometimes competing, objectives helps focus our planning, operational and evaluation decisions. Managing our risks through these objectives contributes to maintaining the credibility of our office within government and with Albertans.

The Auditor General
On April 30, 2018, W. Doug Wylie, FCPA, FCMA, ICD.D, was officially sworn in as Alberta’s 11th Auditor General at a ceremony hosted by the Honourable Robert E. Wanner, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.
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Our People

We are professionals who provide solutions.
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Our History

How and why we were established.
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