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Who we serve

We report directly to the 87 Members of Alberta’s Legislative Assembly and, through them, to the more than four million people who call Alberta home.

Who we audit

We play a key role in the democratic system. Appointed under the Auditor General Actwe are the auditor of every provincial ministry and department, and most provincial agencies, boards, commissions, and regulated funds.

Our independence

Our independence is vital. We are independent (nonpartisan) of government and those we audit. This ensures our work is objective and we are a credible and trusted source of information on government spending and activities. This independence requirement is symbolized through the appointment of the auditor general by the Legislative Assembly and our liaison with the Assembly through the all-party Standing Committee on Legislative Offices.

What we do

We do two types of audits:

Financial statement audits—We audit Alberta’s Consolidated Financial Statements annually, which represent the financial affairs and resources of the province. We also issue independent audit opinions on provincial agencies, boards, commissions, and regulated funds. These statements account for the full nature and effect of the financial affairs and resources of the province.

Performance audits—We assess if government programs and services are working properly and recommend how to improve them.

We present our audit reports to all MLAs and table them in the Legislative Assembly. We provide MLAs with independent, accurate, and reliable data and information on government spending and performance.

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Our goal

Our goal is to have our work acted upon.

We work in close collaboration with MLAs who are members of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts. This nonpartisan committee reviews government spending and our reports to examine how government has accounted for and used public funds, and how it is acting on our recommendations.

The value of our work is not fully realized until our recommendations are acted on. We achieve that goal when government managers accept our findings and implement our recommendations.

Download 10 Things you need to know about the Auditor General infographic.