In 2008 we audited the bioenergy grant programs the Department of Energy administered. We made a recommendation to improve the application and reporting processes related to evaluating environmental impacts.

Our 2013 follow-up audit concluded that the department still did not require grant applicants to demonstrate their product’s positive environmental impact relative to comparable non-renewable energy products. We did not repeat the original recommendation because the grant programs that were part of the 2008 audit2 were no longer accepting applications. We also identified areas in which the department could improve the ongoing credit program and the reports it requires for all three programs as they relate to emission reductions. We made two recommendations to the department in our July 2013 report.

Why this is important to Albertans

Bioenergy is one of the elements within the climate change strategy that will assist in reducing emissions. If the bioenergy projects the government funds do not reduce emissions as expected, the government will have to reduce emissions in other areas to achieve its targets.

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