In 2006 we audited the Department of Environment and Parks’ systems to manage drinking water.

We recommended the department improve its drinking water information systems by:

  • updating forms to meet standards and improving reporting capacity
  • coordinating information systems at regions to avoid overlap
  • using data to improve program effectiveness and efficiency

The department had previously implemented the six other recommendations from our 2006 report.

What we examined

We followed up on the outstanding recommendation from our 2006 report.

Overall conclusion

The department has implemented our recommendation. Systems reporting capacity has improved and meets users’ needs. An enhanced system for drinking water inspections helped improve the program efficiency and effectiveness. The department eliminated overlapping systems and implemented an effective process that ensures forms are up to date.


Our audit objective was to determine if the department had implemented our 2006 recommendation to improve drinking water information systems.
Our 2012 follow-up audit found that the department planned to resolve the inherent limitations of its main drinking water information system through the system redesign or replacement. Therefore, this audit also examined the department’s progress in acting on its plan.

We conducted our field work from June to October 2015 and substantially completed our audit on October 30, 2015. We conducted our audit in accordance with the Auditor General Act and the
standards for assurance engagements set out by the CPA Canada Handbook—Assurance.


Information Systems—implemented


The department regulates 670 drinking water facilities and water distribution systems in Alberta. The department inspects all drinking water facilities at least every two years.

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