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During the course of our financial statement audits, we consider whether key processes that support the preparation of the financial statements warrant further examination when indicators of process weaknesses are present.

As a result of our audit work on the government’s environmental liabilities and disclosures included within the 2019-2020 Consolidated Financial Statements of Province of Alberta, we identified process weaknesses where opportunities for improvement exist.

This report contains the key findings and resultant recommendations from our work related to the processes used to provide information about government’s environmental liabilities.

Objective and Scope

The scope of this report is on the underlying processes at the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and the departments of Environment and Parks and Transportation to provide information about the government’s environmental liabilities. This report does not cover the province’s regulatory systems to hold operators in various industries accountable to clean up sites, and it does not cover AER’s systems to oversee the cleanup of orphan wells that OWA and industry are managing.