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In 2020, we audited whether the department had processes and procedures to ensure the effective management of: 

  • bail hearings, focusing on Alberta Crown Prosecution Service (ACPS) processes to ensure an accused is taken before a justice for a bail hearing within 24 hours of being arrested 
  • adult criminal prosecutions, focusing on ACPS case management processes to ensure actions attributable to the Crown do not contribute to trials exceeding Jordan time limits 
  • adult criminal prosecutions, focusing on ACPS application of the Triage Practice Protocol and adherence to its tracking and reporting requirements 

In our assessment of implementation, we found the Department of Justice has implemented all three recommendations. 

  • IMPLEMENTED Recommendation: Resume its bail results analysis and evaluate and report on the effectiveness of implemented solutions 
  • IMPLEMENTED Recommendation: Continue cause analysis of cases stayed due to Jordan  applications 
  • IMPLEMENTED Recommendation: Comply with Triage Practice Protocol tracking and reporting requirements