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Report of the Auditor General - April 2010


Systems Audits—Current Year Audits

  • Cross-Ministry
    • Alberta Schools Alternative Procurement
  • Employment and Immigration
    • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Environment
    • Managing Alberta’s Water Supply
  • Finance and Enterprise
    • ATB—New Banking System Implementation
    • Oversight of Financial Institutions
  • Service Alberta
    • Land Titles Registration System
  • Solicitor General and Public Security
    • Oversight of Peace Officers

Systems Audits—Follow-up on Prior Audits

  • Cross-Ministry
    • Executive Corporate Credit Cards
  • Children and Youth Services
    • Executive Corporate Credit Cards
  • Legislative Assembly Office
    • MLA Expense Payments
  • Sustainable Resource Development
    • Sand and Gravel
  • Transportation
    • Identifying and Managing Conflicts of Interest for Contracted IT Professionals

Financial Statement and Other Assurance Audits

  • Alberta’s Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Advanced Education and Technology
  • Education
    • Review of School Jurisdiction Audit Results
  • Finance and Enterprise
    • AIMCo—Internal Control Certification.
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