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This report makes public our audits of the oversight systems for public sector pension plans, and of the financial systems and controls within Alberta’s public post-secondary institutions. We also report on several follow-up audits, where we determine if the government has implemented prior recommendations.

Stand-alone Systems Auditing—New Audit

  • Treasury Board and Finance—The Department’s Oversight Systems for Alberta’s Public Sector Pension Plans

Stand-alone Systems Auditing—Follow-up Audits

  • Education—School Board Budgeting
  • Human Services—Administrative Support Systems for Child Intervention Services
  • Human Services—PDD Service Provider Monitoring
  • Human Services—Systems to Monitor Training Provider Compliance
  • Infrastructure—Alberta Schools Alternative Procurement
  • Innovation and Advanced Education—Post-secondary Institution Non-credit Programs
  • Service Alberta—Information Technology Control Framework

Other Audit Work

  • Innovation and Advanced Education—Report on Post-secondary Institutions