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For each ministry, the Annual Report has a chapter describing our findings. The report also includes a Cross-Ministry chapter that applies to several ministries and the whole government, and a chapter on the Government of Alberta Annual Report.

Objective and Scope

We examined the practices of audit committees in board-governed agencies, boards and commissions in the Alberta public sector. We examined the government and ministry business plans for 2003-2006 and examined the government’s progress in establishing standards for ministry business plans.

We also examined the government’s progress in: improving its internal control systems; improving the results analysis in the 2002-2003 ministry annual reports; developing detailed service agreements for shared service arrangements; establishing an internal audit function;  providing guidance to departments on the use of the government competency model for human resource management; and developing business case standards.


This Annual Report contains 77 recommendations. The government should improve the practices of audit committees in board-governed agencies, boards and commissions. It also needs to use consistent performance measure targets in the government and ministry business plans.

Key recommendation topics include:

  • Governance of audit committees
  • First Nation Agency Accountability
  • Risk management
  • Registry Renewal Initiative
  • Alberta Corporate Service Centre—performance measures
  • Performance agreements
  • Health—Province Wide Services
  • Infrastructure construction grants
  • Physical security of government buildings
  • Innovation and Science—systems development methodology
  • Tuition fee policy and its related programs
  • Internal control