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This annual report describes what the Alberta government and its ministries and other entities should do to improve their systems, the results of our financial statements audits of the government and its ministries and other entities, and the results of performing specified auditing procedures (see Glossary) on ministry performance measures.

Objective and Scope

We examined succession management processes in the Alberta Government to determine whether systems are in place to anticipate and secure an adequate supply of human resources for future needs. We organized and focused our work on two areas: corporate framework, guidance and systems; and department systems. We also examined the government’s progress in improving audit committee performance; completing memorandums of understanding;  improving internal control; and ensuring compliance with ministry business plan standards.

We examined the ministry business plans for 2004-2007 and the government’s progress in ensuring its standards for ministry business plans are followed.


This Annual Report contains 52 recommendations. Key recommendation topics:

  • Succession management
  • Public-private partnerships (P3s)
  • BSE-related assistance programs
  • Persons with Developmental Disabilities Community Boards: contracting
  • Energy: Oil sands projects approvals
  • Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions: pension plans
  • Health care registration
  • Accountability of the Health Regions to the Minister of Health and Wellness