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In this report, through our stand-alone systems audits, we call attention to some critical program areas of government and matters that impact Albertans—bridge safety, climate change and the protection of information assets. Through our financial statements audits, we report on identified weaknesses in financial controls and processes within the 175 government departments, boards, agencies, commissions and related organizations that we audit each year. For example, the weaknesses described in this report may result in inaccurate public reporting about oil and gas revenues, inefficiencies in Alberta’s post-secondary institutions and the risk of incurring unnecessary expenses.

There are a total of 33 recommendations to government in this report, three of which are repeated. We find it necessary to repeat these recommendations because we believe these departments have not done enough to demonstrate they have implemented our previous recommendations.

Stand-alone Systems Auditing

  • Transportation—Managing Structural Safety of Bridges (page 17)
  • Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
    • Climate Change, First Follow-up (page 35)
    • Reforestation Follow-up (page 55)
  • Executive Council—Protecting Information Assets Follow-up (page 59)
  • Service Alberta
    • Protecting Information Assets Follow-up (page 65)
    • Web Application Vulnerability Assessments (page 71)
  • Human Services—Systems to Provide Tuition-based Training to Learners Follow-up (page 73)