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In 2007, the Alberta Affordable Housing Task Force recommended that the Government of Alberta enhance capital resources for affordable housing supply. The task force estimated the need for 12,000 affordable housing units at a cost of $480 million annually over five years, for a total cost of $2.4 billion. The Department of Municipal Affairs responded by creating the municipal block funding and housing capital initiatives programs to fund the development of 11,000 affordable housing units for low-income Albertans.

In September 2011, the department reported that it had met its objective of approving funding for the development of 11,000 affordable housing units. In total, the department’s investment of $1.1 billion, combined with $1.1 billion of investment from partnerships with municipalities, non-profit groups, and the private sector, resulted in $2.2 billion of investment in affordable housing across the province.

In July 2013, we made recommendations to improve grant monitoring processes and evaluation systems.

Objective and Scope

Our objective is to determine whether the department has implemented our recommendations to improve its grant monitoring processes and evaluation systems.


We conclude that as of July 2018, the Department of Seniors and Housing had implemented our recommendation to improve its systems and processes for monitoring and evaluating its affordable housing grants programs.