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The Department of Infrastructure provides Education with technical support for project cost and feasibility before the Minister of Education approves a project. Infrastructure also designs and constructs schools and oversees the delivery of any projects managed by school jurisdictions.

Objective and Scope

In October 2015, the Minister of Education requested we examine the processes used to plan phases 2 and 3 of the school-building program. We assessed whether the departments of Education and Infrastructure have adequate systems to plan, deliver and report on phases 2 and 3 of the school building program.


School jurisdictions and Infrastructure are currently building phase 2 and 3 schools. Some schools will open within the originally announced completion dates, but many will not. The size and complexity of the school-building program grew quickly, and the systems to support the program did not keep pace. Neither Education nor Infrastructure has adequate systems to plan, deliver and report on the school building program. Education has not established adequate systems to oversee the school-building program. It needs to work with Infrastructure to improve operational processes to ensure that accountability for the results of the program is clear.