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What we audit

We annually audit the Consolidated Financial Statements of the Province of Alberta. We issue separate audit opinions on most of the province’s public post-secondary institutions and most provincial agencies, boards, commissions, and regulated funds. The following is the list of entities for which we will issue independent auditor’s opinions between April 1, 2023 and March 31, 2024.

The Province’s Consolidated Financial statements account for the full nature and extent of the financial affairs and resources of government, including the financial results of departments; regulated funds; agencies, boards, and commissions; the Legislative Assembly and Offices of the Legislature; schools, universities, colleges, and health entities such as Alberta Health Services; and government business enterprises such as ATB Financial and the Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission. The financial statements provide a comprehensive view of the revenues that the province recognized, its spending on various programs for the year, and its financial position at year end.  

This audit includes a review of key audit matters—or key risks—which, in our professional judgement, are of most significance to the provincial financial statements each year. 

Government organizations

  • Agriculture Financial Services Corporation
  • Alberta Energy Regulator
  • Alberta Enterprise Corporation
  • Alberta Foundation for the Arts
  • Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation
  • Alberta Innovates
  • Alberta Investment Management Corporation
  • Alberta Pensions Services Corporation
  • Alberta Securities Commission
  • Alberta Social Housing Corporation
  • Alberta Transportation Safety Board
  • Alberta Utilities Commission
  • Canadian Energy Centre Ltd.
  • Gainers Inc.
  • Invest Alberta Corporation
  • Natural Resources Conservation Board
  • Travel Alberta Corporation

Alberta Health Services and other health entities

  • Alberta Health Services
  • Alberta Precision Laboratories Ltd.
  • Capital Care Group Inc.
  • Carewest
  • Health Quality Council of Alberta

Commercial enterprises

  • Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission
  • Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission
  • ATB Financial, and its following subsidiaries:
    • ATB Capital Markets Inc.
    • ATB Insurance Advisors Inc.
    • ATB Investment Management Inc.
    • ATB Private Equity LP
    • ATB Securities Inc.
  • Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation


  • Alberta University of the Arts
  • Athabasca University
  • MacEwan University (Including Grant MacEwan University Foundation)
  • Mount Royal University
  • The University of Alberta
  • The University of Calgary
  • The University of Lethbridge


  • Bow Valley College
  • Keyano College
  • Lakeland College
  • Lethbridge College
  • Medicine Hat College
  • NorQuest College
  • Northern Lakes College
  • Olds College
  • Portage College

Technical institutes

  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (including Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Foundation)
  • Northwestern Polytechnic
  • Red Deer Polytechnic
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Regulated funds

  • Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research Endowment Fund
  • Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund
  • Alberta Heritage Scholarship Fund
  • Alberta Heritage Science and Engineering Research Endowment Fund
  • Alberta Risk Management Fund
  • Alberta School Foundation Fund
  • Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund
  • Land Stewardship Fund
  • Post-closure Stewardship Fund
  • Provincial Judges and Masters in Chambers Reserve Fund
  • Supplementary Retirement Plan Reserve Fund
  • Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Fund
  • Victims of Crime and Public Safety Fund

Office of the Legislative Assembly and the Offices of the Legislature

  • Office of the Legislative Assembly
  • Office of the Chief Electoral Officer
  • Office of the Child and Youth Advocate
  • Office of the Ethics Commissioner
  • Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner
  • Office of the Ombudsman
  • Office of the Public Interest Commissioner

Other entities

  • Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund Board
  • Government Employees’ Group Extended Medical Benefits Plan and Prescription Drug Plan Trust
  • Government of Alberta Dental Plan Trust
  • Improvement Districts’ Trusts (Improvement Districts 4, 9, 12, 13, 24 and 25)
  • Kananaskis Improvement District
  • LAPP Corporation
  • Local Authorities Pension Plan
  • Long-Term Disability Income Continuance Plan-Bargaining Unit
  • Long-Term Disability Income Continuance Plan-Management, Opted Out and Excluded
  • Management Employees Pension Plan
  • Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee, Estates and Trusts
  • Provincial Judges and Applications Judges (Registered and Unregistered) Pension Plan
  • PSPP Corporation
  • Public Service Management (Closed Membership) Pension Plan
  • Public Service Pension Plan
  • SFPP Corporation
  • Special Areas Trust Account
  • Special Forces Pension Plan
  • Supplementary Retirement Plan for Public Service Managers
  • The Health Spending Account Plan and Flexible Spending Account Plan
  • Workers’ Compensation Board

How we audit

An audit is the collection and evaluation of evidence about the fairness of financial statements. By obtaining this evidence, the auditor general is able to provide a high level of assurance to Albertans about whether the financial statements prepared by management are fairly presented and free from material misstatements (errors). An audit includes assessing where errors could occur in the financial statements, testing management’s internal control over financial information and performing additional audit procedures.

Auditor’s report

The independent auditor’s report accompanying each government entity’s financial statements expresses an opinion on whether the financial statements are presented fairly in accordance with applicable standards. The audit, and the auditor’s report, add credibility to the financial statements by telling Albertans whether the financial statements are reasonable.

Audit focus

Financial auditing does not mean the auditor general examines every transaction or guarantees that all financial statements are error free. Millions of transactions are summarized into the province’s financial statements. Instead, audits focus on areas of risk and places where errors that matter to users’ understanding of the financial statements as a whole are likely to occur.

Audit assurance

These recurring annual audits provide the Legislative Assembly and the people of Alberta with assurance on the quality of the government’s financial reporting. The financial statements and the auditor general’s reports are included in the annual reports published by the Government of Alberta, its ministries and their related entities.

Audit recommendations

When auditing financial statements, we make recommendations to management if we find that an organization could improve its systems in areas such as oversight and accountability for results, internal control over financial management, management of information and related technology or performance reporting. We ensure our recommendations are meaningful by identifying the root causes of the identified weaknesses.