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Follow-up Audit



What we examined

In 2010, we audited systems the Department of Human Services used to promote, monitor, enforce and report on its occupational health and safety goals and objectives. We made five recommendations to the Department (formerly the Department of Employment and Immigration) in our April 2010 Report (starting at page 31).

This year, we conducted follow-up work to assess the Department’s progress in implementing our recommendations to:

  • promote and enforce compliance with the law by high-risk employers and workers
  • improve planning and reporting systems for OHS
  • strengthen its proactive inspection program
  • improve its systems to issue Certificates of Recognition (COR)
  • strengthen the legislated permit and certificate program

Why this is important to Albertans

The impact of workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities reaches well beyond workers and their families and leads to broader negative economic and social consequences, which include:

  • workers losing their level of income, health and sometimes their lives
  • employers facing costs such as legal expenses, additional hiring and training costs, loss of productivity and Workers’ Compensation Board premium increases
  • healthcare system ultimately funding and treating unreported injuries and diseases
  • pressures on government resources to inspect, investigate and prosecute
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