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Alberta’s Auditor General Doug Wylie presented his first report to the Legislative Assembly November 7. The report includes the 2017-2018 financial statement audit results of the province and 139 government ministries, departments, agencies, boards, commissions and regulated funds; three new and five follow-up performance audits; and a summary of recommendations issued to government.

The new audits include:

  • Alberta Agriculture and Forestry—Wildfire Management: Processes for Prevention and Review and Improvement
  • Alberta Labour—Systems to Update Alberta’s Workforce Strategies
  • Service Alberta—Contract Management Processes

The five follow-up audits include:

  • Alberta Environment and Parks—Systems to Manage and Report on the Oil Sands Monitoring Program Follow-up
  • Alberta Justice and Solicitor General—Contracting for External Services Follow-up
  • Alberta Labour—Occupational Health and Safety Follow-up
  • Alberta Seniors and Housing—Affordable Housing Follow-up
  • Alberta Treasury Board and Finance—Collections of Corporate Income Tax and Filing Compliance Follow-up

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